Chanel Fashion Show without Karl Lagerfeld

Hi everyone, welcome back to Aurora’s Fashion and Lifestyle. Finished up the last series, starting from this week, I will provide a new series on World-Class fashion brands or fashion shows critics. This week, I will offer reviews on one of my favorite brand’s latest fashion show. The brand is Chanel. Chanel – Vincent Van […]

Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 4

Uniqlo – Trendy Asian Clothing Brand It’s Wednesday, time for my fashion insights. This week will be the last blog post on the trendy brands for college students series, so the last top fashion and affordable brand I will recommend today is Uniqlo. Maybe you have heard of it and walked by the store before, […]

Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 3

& other stories – trendy and top clothing brand Hi everyone, sorry about last Wednesday, so many things were going on. This week, we are going to keep talking about the top fashion brand for college students. This week’s brand is & other stories. My first time shopping in this store was about one year […]

Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 2

Hi everyone, sorry about last week. In the future, every Wednesday, I will publish a new blog. Please follow my blog and my Instagram which you can find the link down below. Enjoy reading and feel free to reach out to me through email or contact page! This week we will continue talking about trendy […]

Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students

I recently graduated from university, and I was a college student in the last four years. I understand, as college students, we have to pay for tuition and books and do some part-time jobs to pay all the fees, while we also want to wear something cute and pretty for everyday walking on the campus. […]

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