When I think about Valentino, the first came to my mind is Valentino Garavani Shoes (high heels and flats, see below) the iconic shoes with spiky rockstuds. I think, when you mention them, everyone who knows them loves how they look. Some fashion bloggers say these shoes are their go-to shoes for dates. From my perspective, I also love their designs and colors. They can go with dresses, slim pants, mostly everything I can think of. Except for the shoes, I have no idea about the Valentino brand. However, I spent hours to do my research on this brand. Today, I will go over some topics about Valentino. I will mainly emphasize on the history of the brand, slightly on comparisons between two major creative directors in charge of Valentino in the past history.

Valentino Garavani rockstuds flats
Valentino Garavani rockstuds high-heels

Who is Valentino Garavani?

If wasn’t Valentino Garavani, we won’t have the fashion brand Valentino nowadays. Valentino Garavani was born in Italy. We have some stereotypes of Italian people, such as their temper. Valentino Garavani is a straightforward person. If he disagrees with you, he just points out directly. Everyone has to learn how to work with him because of his temper. However, he is a genius in fashion. He dreamt a lot when he was young. He always knows his passion for designer clothing for women, even when he was young. In the documentary, Valentino: The Last Emperor, he mentioned he knows what women want, which is to be beautiful. Well, I won’t deny it. I believe that’s true for at least 80%. Women want to be beautiful and dress up themselves. Some well-known ladies around the world are big fans of his design, including the former first lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

When we compare designers from France and Italy. Their concepts are different. For example, in the previous few posts, we talked about Chanel. France designers think about how to dress women to become powerful. There was a trend of skirts and suits for women. However, for Italian designers try to design more dresses and gowns that are glamour and beautiful, like clothing for princesses or goddess. I believe this is because Italian people are deeply influenced by their architecture and ancient greek sculptures. All the factors affect their concepts and demonstration of beauty.

What is the signature color of Valentino?

Red. When Valentino Garavani was in charge of Valentino, he wanted to deliver the powers, glamour of women. After taking over by Pier paolo Piccioli, current creative director of Valentino, Valentino tries to deliver not just simple red, red with different tones and shades. He does not want red becoming just a symbol of power, of glamour. He wants to narrate color red as something personal and romantic.

Remarkable Designs from 1960 – 2008

Valentino Garavani retired in 2008. Jan 23rd, 2008 Valentino Fashion show was his last fashion show for Valentino brand. Currently, Pier Paolo Piccioli is the creative director and designer for Valentino. Valentino ready-to-wear and bridal collections are known for its elegant and boldly adorned with lace and embroidery. Here are a few extraordinary designs done from 1960 to 2008. The first one is my favorite, and this piece also appeared in the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor. Anne Hathaway wore this piece of the white gown before.

Anne Hathaway wore the white gown
Embed from Getty Images

See more Valentino Garavani Haute Couture 1960-2012

New Era for Valentino

After Valentino Garavani retired in 2008. Few took over the brand. Currently, Pier Paolo Piccioli starts in charge of Valentino. In the past few years, he and the other female designers were dual creative directors for Valentino. They preserved many concepts of the founder. Most dresses or ready-to-wear are alike the era of Valentino Garavani, conveying the extent of glamour and elegance of women clothing can be. Some examples are listed below:

However, on the latest Fall 2019 Haute Couture, some of the designs are just too overwhelming. After taking over, there are many improvements done for the brand such as diversified the products, including ready-to-wear for women, men, accessories and inclusive and diversity of models.

If you want to learn more Valentino with creative director, Pier Paolo Piccioli, please check out my next week blog.

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