Chanel Fall Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture Review

Hi everyone, welcome back to Aurora’s Fashion and Lifestyle. After last week’s blog post on the Chanel Fashion Show without Karl Lagerfeld, I received a lot of attention on the content and my Instagram, so I decide to continue Chanel this week. This week, I will provide a review of Chanel’s latest fashion show which is Chanel Fall-Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my fashion critics for this week because I do not only have positive things for the show but also some disappointment I would like to point out this time. If you like my blogs and want to know more about fashion and lifestyle, follow my Instagram at the bottom of the page.

Chanel Fall Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture

Highlights of Chanel Fall Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture

Chanel Fashion Show – Library Setting

I do not know how you react to this fashion show. For me, it reminded me of a few scenes or places I have seen before. The first one is from a Korean TV show called My Love from the Star. In the show, the main character has his library room or study room in the house. Look like this (See the image below). 

Embed from Getty Images

compare the upper one is from Chanel fashion show and the one below is from the Korean TV show

The other one is from Harry Potter. It reminded me professor Albus Dumbledore’s office. The last one is in real life. It is a photo from a library in Seoul, South Korea. I am more curious about the inspiration for the setting for the Chanel Fall show. For me, it seems like Virginie Viard had few trips to Asia, and she found the interesting and got fascinated by all these together. Anyway, the setting is distinguished from the setting created by Karl Lagerfeld. For Karl, he would like to bring renowned architectures or world-leading technologies or skills which have no direct connection with fashion to the fashion world. However, for Virginie, she likes to bring more everyday scenes to the extent of astonishing and amazing.

Well, the actual inspiration for the setting is from 31 Rue Cambon owned by Gabrielle Chanel, her apartment.

Chanel Fashion Show – Powerful, sophisticated, and formal clothing style

This time, Virginie Viard showed us with more clothing styles conveying the powerful and formal of women’s clothing. The whole shows mostly in two color tones, white and black. For Look 1, purple, burgundy and black chevron tweed straight coat has something in common with Cheongsam, also called qipao, worn by upper-class Chinese women back in middle 20th Century.

Look 10 – Green, black and white tweed belted jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are brought back this year. It becomes viral in fashion. Chanel on the fall fashion show also has a design with a hitting green color this year. The belt also helps make sure it is not too loosey.

Disappointing Points of Chanel Fall Winter 2019/20 Haute Couture

Look 4 – Black Wool Flared Coat

From the Gif, I can tell the model does not feel comfortable wearing this coat. However, I also saw a lot of comments under the design, and people are loving the design. C’est Magnifique. However, I can see the model’s top thigh from just walking by her. Maybe I am just overthinking it.

Look 11 – Embroidered grey tweed effect blouse and black and grey houndstooth wide-leg pants

When I first saw this combination or matching of grid blouse and also grid pattern pants, I feel having the two pieces together was just bizarre. However, these two pieces by themselves showing the powerful, chic, and magnifique of the clothing. You can comment below if you have different perspectives. (Always Welcome for Comments!)

Overall, there are positive and negative criticisms about this show. For the future, I look forward to more clothing and accessories targeting younger generations with bold and more colorful styles.

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