Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 2

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This week we will continue talking about trendy and affordable brands for college students. The second trendy brand I would like to recommend here is J.Crew.

No. 2 Fashion brand for college student : J.Crew

Some people would like to say this brand’s clothing tends to be mature, so it does not fit college students. However, based on my observation, maybe I’m not completely right. While we are students we tend to make us look professional and mature. While we start working and stepping into the society we tend to wear and do makeup to look younger. J.Crew’s clothing helps you look professional especially if you study business.

Something good about this brand is that it offers not only clothing and accessories for women but also for men and kids. If you want to buy clothing for your boyfriend or husband maybe your father, J.Crew is a pretty good choice. For the quality of its clothing, I feel it uses high-quality materials, such as cashmere, cotton, and other comfortable fabrics.

History of J.Crew Brand

J.Crew is an American brand, and its first retail store was opened in 1989 in Manhattan. It also owns Madewell and J.Crew Factory. Well, I will say J.Crew Factory does not look like their normal store. The factory store carries clothing like for your grandma, LOL. Sometimes, I also notice that Madewell and J.Crew have stores next to each other. I am not sure is that on purpose or not, but I feel they are targeting to different demographic groups. From my perspective, Madewell targets to denim lovers, and it towards more to lifestyle and casual clothing. On the other hand, J.Crew targets white-collar. They might think that opening stores close to each other can not cause cannibalization, but who knows, only when they see the revenue, they will know.

Tips for Shopping J.Crew

To be honest, I do not own a single piece of J.Crew clothing. The major reason is the price. J.Crew brand can be categorized as an affordable luxury brand. Normally, a piece of dress or an outfit can easily be over 100 dollars or 150 dollars. However, the fabric made for its clothing is the best quality for the price you can get. I will say it is worth and the clothing is long-lasting.

  • J.Crew reward program: you can sign up for the free reward program and get 5 dollar reward for every 200 dollars you spend.
  • Seasonal sale up to 40% OFF
  • If you are a big fan of informal or formal dresses and jumpsuit, check this brand out recently because there are so many cute pieces on sale.
  • If you are also interested in fashion and style tips, check out their YouTube Channel Style Hack Series!

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