Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students

I recently graduated from university, and I was a college student in the last four years. I understand, as college students, we have to pay for tuition and books and do some part-time jobs to pay all the fees, while we also want to wear something cute and pretty for everyday walking on the campus. To make it happen, I will introduce some amazing, trendy, and affordable fashion brands for girls today and the next few following blogs. Some of them even have student discounts for college students and faculties. Without luxury brands’ ready-to-wear, you can also attract others’ attention with these brands’ apparel and accessories.

Keep reading and learn all the tips from my blog. You can also leave a comment or direct email me to provide feedback. 

 Affordable and trendy brands

Top 1 Fashion Clothing Brand: Madewell

This brand is one of my favorites. It can also be called my go-to brand. I feel like I know the designers of this brand. You may just really confused, and while you are reading this sentence you are thinking I might be famous or something. No, but because I like all the designs of their t-shirts, Jens, shoes, dresses even accessories and I feel they can or are reading my mind. I own a lot of pieces of their clothing and shoes. Let me show you some of mine.

Madewell Denim Dress

Madewell Denim Dress

Madewell Leather High Heel Boots

New York Style Outfit

Background Info on Madewell Brand

This brand, Madewell, currently is owned by J.Crew. It’s an American local fashion brand, mainly targeting younger generations favored in Denim. Right now, it mainly carries clothing and accessories for women. In the last few years, Madewell also tries to expand its market to Men’s clothing as well. The company was established quite early than my expectations, and it was started in the 1930s.

Tips for this brand:

  • It has sales all year long, and It’s about extra 30% off or even 40% off on the sales items.
  • Join the Madewell Insider, the major benefit for joining the program is to receive the $ 25 off on your entire purchase during your birthday month, amazing right? It’s about extra 30% off or even 40% off on the sales items.
  • Use your student ID while you shopping, for students and faculties, Madewell offers 15% off on your purchase.
  • Last Black Friday, I played a lottery game in Madewell store, I got a coupon for 10 dollar off your entire purchase.
  • There are sofas in the stores, and I will say it’s a really boyfriend-friendly store.

I think all the designs and benefits you can get from Madewell are amazing. If you want to learn more about other trendy fashion brands, follow my blog and follow my Ins (click the link below)


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