Chanel Fashion Show without Karl Lagerfeld

Hi everyone, welcome back to Aurora’s Fashion and Lifestyle. Finished up the last series, starting from this week, I will provide a new series on World-Class fashion brands or fashion shows critics. This week, I will offer reviews on one of my favorite brand’s latest fashion show. The brand is Chanel.

Chanel – Vincent Van Gogh of Fashion

I was fascinated by Chanel logo since I was ten or twelve. I start more and more enjoying Chanel’s concepts and designs. All happened from nowhere. However, I remember that I was buying fashion magazines since I was ten from bus stops, bookstores on my way home, and grocery stores. I developed my fashion sense since then by looking through all designs in various tastes and styles. Hopefully, you will enjoy my fashion critics on these world-class, extraordinary, and luxury fashion brands. If you like my blogs and want to know more about fashion and lifestyle, follow my Instagram at the bottom of the page.

Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld

After Karl Lagerfeld passed away in February this year, Fashion World lost a prestigious fashion designer. Recently, I came across a documentary done by Netflix called 7 Days Out Karl Lagerfeld. Karl was strict and precise about every aspect of the fashion show. Some unbeatable fashion shows created by Karl are Couture autumn/winter 2017, which he recreated Eiffel Tower with a center-opened glass roof, Couture autumn/winter 2015, which was in a casino setting, and Fall‑Winter 2017/18 Ready‑to‑Wear show, with a rocket in the middle of the catwalk. He was not just trying to provide an amazing show to the audiences but also take them out from fashion show with incredible settings and environments.

Embed from Getty Images

Couture autumn/winter 2017

Embed from Getty Images

Couture autumn/winter 2015

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Fall‑Winter 2017/18 Ready‑to‑Wear show

Who Is Virginie Viard?

Virginie Viard takes over Chanel this year. It seems like we never heard of this name before. However, we have seen her many times in Chanel fashion shows also she working at the backstages. Virginie has been working with Karl for more than 30 years. She was passionate about fashion, and her family had some sort of connection with fashion. She enjoyed making the costume for the early years. She started in Chanel as an intern at haute couture embroidery department, becoming a trusted protege of Karl. If you don’t see them together, they must be on the phone calling each other. Therefore, from all the points, we call tell Virginie is a major role for Karl and Chanel in the last 30 years.

Chanel Cruise 2019/20 Review

The first fashion show led by Virginie Viard was on May 2019, and it was hosted in The Grand Palais in Paris. I definitely can tell that it tried to target younger generations. Compared to previous years, there were more accessories on each model. The designs of these accessories are more modern and creative. The whole collection’s idea came from the train station from the late 20th century. It has a fictional train station as a catwalk. When you first walked inside of the Grand Palais, a scene mimics Le Train Bleu showed in front of you. (shown below) I will say the setting is pretty fancy and also chic. All models makeup and hairstyles have recreated the styles in the 1970s. Some of the models with black lipstick color. All the clothing are powerful with a sense of ultra-feminine. The collections include so many bold and youthful colors, which could be hard to handle in one show. However, Virginie made it happened. From this show, we can tell Virginie, the artistic director, tries to convey that Chanel will learn and keep some amazing parts from the past and look forward to the future.

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Chanel Cruise 2019/20

Embed from Getty Images

a scene mimics Le Train Bleu


Overall, I selected a few pieces I preferred from the whole collection. I enjoyed most of the clothing and accessories. Few items standing out are list below:

  • Cashmere jacket with white oversized shirt & Cashmere cardigan dress with white bow in front of it
Cashmere jacket and cashmere cardigan dress
  • Colorful shoulder cross bag
  • I also like the matching colors of the entire outfit
  • The color could be a popular color for next year, a sense of vitality
  • big fun of this pattern

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An image of an shopping street in San Francisco downtown

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.—Diane von Furstenberg

Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 4

Uniqlo – Trendy Asian Clothing Brand

It’s Wednesday, time for my fashion insights. This week will be the last blog post on the trendy brands for college students series, so the last top fashion and affordable brand I will recommend today is Uniqlo. Maybe you have heard of it and walked by the store before, but today I will bring fresh and the latest perspectives on this brand.

I am really familiar with this brand. From the day I knew about this brand until now, its concepts are mostly consistent with its simplicity, high-quality, and lightweight. These concepts have not changed but improved in the past 10 to 15 year. Recently, minimalism is becoming popular. It is not just an art movement anymore abut also turning into a lifestyle. This brand’s style and the concept is really close to minimalism. Since the brand was born in Japan, Uniqlo keeps with Japanese roots. Japanese people enjoy small size or compacted products. For their food, the portion is tiny and mostly can not compare with European or North American countries’ portion. Brought the lifestyle into designs, Uniqlo clothing mostly can be packed into a room, a tiny space, even a small bag for travel.

The jumpsuit is one piece of clothing I recently got from Uniqlo when I was in San Francisco.

Uniqlo Jumpsuit

In the past few years, there are more and more partnerships between Uniqlo and designers to create a series of Graphic Tees or clothing. The Graphic Paint Collection is done by individuals designers to bring brands, franchises, and pop culture to T-shirt graphic designs. Among current graphic tees collections, I love VOLKSWAGEN, Mickey Stands, KAWS: SUMMER, MINIONS collections.Even though the price per shirt is relatively low, I believe the volume sold out for every collection is huge. In the meantime, the quality of the t-shirts is super comfortable. It’s worth to buy some graphic tees for the summer.

Amazing Marketing Approaches:

Uniqlo came up with a global advertising campaign on topic: Why we get dressed advertising campaign?

  • We pick what we want to dress based on weather or mood. Your favorite color can make you happy. Do you dress to protect yourself? Something soft makes your feel secure. Why do we get dressed? There is no one answer.

History of Uniqlo

Uniqlo was founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949. It expands business since then with more than 1000 stores globally nowadays. One of the most significant reasons made Uniqlo so successful today is its highly vertical integrated, from planning and design through production, distribution, and retail. Uniqlo offers innovative clothing and fabric solutions to deliver comfortable and long-lasting appeals.

Tips for Uniqlo

  1. Normally Uniqlo has free shipping for purchases over $ 75. However, every season, it has free shipping for any amount of purchase, so you do not have to worry about the shipping fee. 
  2. It will constantly have sales going on. 
  3. Recommend to shop in-store if possible because there are more clothing on sales available in the store even sometimes with cheaper price.

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Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 3

& other stories – trendy and top clothing brand

Hi everyone, sorry about last Wednesday, so many things were going on. This week, we are going to keep talking about the top fashion brand for college students. This week’s brand is & other stories.

My first time shopping in this store was about one year ago. It was during a trip to Washington D.C. My friend recommended me this store, and we got the same T-shirt with French words on it. When I got into the store, I was attracted by mostly all the dresses. I will think the store – & other stories has more dresses than for any other categories. The brand is also famous for its midi dresses or long dresses. If that’s what you are looking for, go for it.

Currently, there are only five stores in the United States. Mostly, if you are not living in Washington D.C, New York, or California, it’s not possible for you shopping in-store. However, & other stories offers free shipping and free returns in the United State, which will benefit a lot of customers.

History of & other stories

& other stories was launched in 2013. This brand is currently owned by H&M, fast-fashion clothing retail. & other stories offers high-quality clothing, shoes, accessories, and beauty products. Its target group is different from H&M’s. Even though & other stories has a broad range of prices, it charges way higher than H&M.

Tips for & other stories

  • & other stories has not only apparel products but also beauty products, including body and skincare and makeup.
  • Occasional, mostly seasonal, sales are going on. For recently, I browsed the website, and I found there is a sale. However, there are so many people deicide purchasing while there is a sale. You must be quick; otherwise, there won’t be available for your size.

These are the only tips I can come up with, but if you know more about & other stories, email your recommendation to my email or directly reply to this blog.

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Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students Part 2

Hi everyone, sorry about last week. In the future, every Wednesday, I will publish a new blog. Please follow my blog and my Instagram which you can find the link down below. Enjoy reading and feel free to reach out to me through email or contact page!

This week we will continue talking about trendy and affordable brands for college students. The second trendy brand I would like to recommend here is J.Crew.

No. 2 Fashion brand for college student : J.Crew

Some people would like to say this brand’s clothing tends to be mature, so it does not fit college students. However, based on my observation, maybe I’m not completely right. While we are students we tend to make us look professional and mature. While we start working and stepping into the society we tend to wear and do makeup to look younger. J.Crew’s clothing helps you look professional especially if you study business.

Something good about this brand is that it offers not only clothing and accessories for women but also for men and kids. If you want to buy clothing for your boyfriend or husband maybe your father, J.Crew is a pretty good choice. For the quality of its clothing, I feel it uses high-quality materials, such as cashmere, cotton, and other comfortable fabrics.

History of J.Crew Brand

J.Crew is an American brand, and its first retail store was opened in 1989 in Manhattan. It also owns Madewell and J.Crew Factory. Well, I will say J.Crew Factory does not look like their normal store. The factory store carries clothing like for your grandma, LOL. Sometimes, I also notice that Madewell and J.Crew have stores next to each other. I am not sure is that on purpose or not, but I feel they are targeting to different demographic groups. From my perspective, Madewell targets to denim lovers, and it towards more to lifestyle and casual clothing. On the other hand, J.Crew targets white-collar. They might think that opening stores close to each other can not cause cannibalization, but who knows, only when they see the revenue, they will know.

Tips for Shopping J.Crew

To be honest, I do not own a single piece of J.Crew clothing. The major reason is the price. J.Crew brand can be categorized as an affordable luxury brand. Normally, a piece of dress or an outfit can easily be over 100 dollars or 150 dollars. However, the fabric made for its clothing is the best quality for the price you can get. I will say it is worth and the clothing is long-lasting.

  • J.Crew reward program: you can sign up for the free reward program and get 5 dollar reward for every 200 dollars you spend.
  • Seasonal sale up to 40% OFF
  • If you are a big fan of informal or formal dresses and jumpsuit, check this brand out recently because there are so many cute pieces on sale.
  • If you are also interested in fashion and style tips, check out their YouTube Channel Style Hack Series!

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Trendy Apparel & Accessories Brands for College Students

I recently graduated from university, and I was a college student in the last four years. I understand, as college students, we have to pay for tuition and books and do some part-time jobs to pay all the fees, while we also want to wear something cute and pretty for everyday walking on the campus. To make it happen, I will introduce some amazing, trendy, and affordable fashion brands for girls today and the next few following blogs. Some of them even have student discounts for college students and faculties. Without luxury brands’ ready-to-wear, you can also attract others’ attention with these brands’ apparel and accessories.

Keep reading and learn all the tips from my blog. You can also leave a comment or direct email me to provide feedback. 

 Affordable and trendy brands

Top 1 Fashion Clothing Brand: Madewell

This brand is one of my favorites. It can also be called my go-to brand. I feel like I know the designers of this brand. You may just really confused, and while you are reading this sentence you are thinking I might be famous or something. No, but because I like all the designs of their t-shirts, Jens, shoes, dresses even accessories and I feel they can or are reading my mind. I own a lot of pieces of their clothing and shoes. Let me show you some of mine.

Madewell Denim Dress

Madewell Denim Dress

Madewell Leather High Heel Boots

New York Style Outfit

Background Info on Madewell Brand

This brand, Madewell, currently is owned by J.Crew. It’s an American local fashion brand, mainly targeting younger generations favored in Denim. Right now, it mainly carries clothing and accessories for women. In the last few years, Madewell also tries to expand its market to Men’s clothing as well. The company was established quite early than my expectations, and it was started in the 1930s.

Tips for this brand:

  • It has sales all year long, and It’s about extra 30% off or even 40% off on the sales items.
  • Join the Madewell Insider, the major benefit for joining the program is to receive the $ 25 off on your entire purchase during your birthday month, amazing right? It’s about extra 30% off or even 40% off on the sales items.
  • Use your student ID while you shopping, for students and faculties, Madewell offers 15% off on your purchase.
  • Last Black Friday, I played a lottery game in Madewell store, I got a coupon for 10 dollar off your entire purchase.
  • There are sofas in the stores, and I will say it’s a really boyfriend-friendly store.

I think all the designs and benefits you can get from Madewell are amazing. If you want to learn more about other trendy fashion brands, follow my blog and follow my Ins (click the link below)


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